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Salvatore R. Raimondi, Sr., VP

Death, Serious Personal Injury, Defect, Negligence, Fire / Arson, Fraud, Bad Faith, Faulty Repair, Car Dealers.
Serving Florida, and, the entire USA

email: info@aafsa.com

*Name: Salvatore R. Raimondi, Sr.

*Age: 51

*Phone: 561-832-6022

*Education and Experience: Graduated John Adams High School, Queens,N.Y, January 1971, with academic honors at age sixteen. Attended Queens College, New York City, until 1972 Completed two years towards a Bachelor of Science degree with my major study of psychology and minor studies of drama and media.

*1970-1972: New York City Police Department, trained and served as an Auxiliary Police Officer.

*1972-July 1973: Apprentice mechanic and Motor Vehicle Inspector under the supervision of Licensed Master Inspector, Queens, New York

*July 1973- August 1974: Employed by a U.S. Customs House Licensed firm, Marine Tobacco division of Host Industries, which sold Duty Free Alcohol and Tobacco products to International Cruise Lines and International Airline Passengers at point of embarkation.

Among my duties was that of security escort for trailers containing Imported Alcohol products from the New York and New Jersey docks back to our warehouse to deter hijackers. In addition I organized and participated in undercover security at the Company retail outlet and warehouse in Kennedy Airport that had been experiencing six digit losses. Within six months all losses at that facility ceased and employees were charged.

Obtained NYC Police Dept. Tow Truck Operator’s license. Employed as Tow Truck Operator by a NYC Collision shop responding to accidents via Police Department radio calls.

*September 1974: Formed Raimondi Towing Services, Queens, NY

*October 1974: Obtained NYCPD Tow Vehicle Licenses (Medallions) began business as an automobile towing operation and automobile repair facility.

*October 1974 to June 1985: Owned and operated a towing service, in Queens and later in Brooklyn, New York. During these years I purchased and consolidated three rival towing companies, Mr. D’s Towing, Brooklyn, N.Y., T&T Towing of Elmont, N.Y, and Charlie’s Towing Service, Queens, N.Y. **

**These Companies and my existing Company shared overlapping service areas. By purchasing and consolidating these Companies I enhanced and expanded our service areas thereby raising our production levels efficiently.

**When the consolidation of these entities became final the result was one larger, more organized and efficient Company of “Charlie’s Towing Service Division R.T.S. Inc.”

Owned, operated and managed an automobile and truck repair facility with thirteen (13) Licensed Interstate Wreckers (tow trucks), a full service mechanical repair shop and a full service auto body and frame shop.

As I had begun to purchase a vast number of salvage vehicles from Insurance Companies and/or registered owners as a result of our Contract with New York City Police Department Rotation Tow Program and the collision vehicles towed in from responding to Police radio calls I realized another opportunity to expand and diversify was within reach.

I expanded our facility to include an automobile salvage yard to accomodate the quantity of vehicles that we were aquiring from these Contract and License arrangements. I personally managed and supervised the daily operation of all these diversified yet unitized entities.

In approximately August of 1976 I had been contacted by the New York City Police Department to report to the New York City Police Academy for training as a full time, fully compensated Police Officer. At this time I evaluated my current career status and made a decision to decline the offer from the NYPD and continue on with my business... a decision which I never regretted.

I also maintained a New York State Motor Vehicle Inspector's License and a contract with the New York City Police Department for the Rotation Tow Program of Theft Recovered Vehicles in addition to responding to Police radio calls in cases of auto accidents.

In certain Emergent conditions we would preserve and maintain the scene of multi-vehicle crashes with injuries or deaths until the EMS had removed the injured, Accident Investigation had finished working the scene and the debris was cleared.

In these instances I would personally attend to supervise my men on the scene and assist. This included positioning or stabilizing vehicles that had occupants entrapped in the wreckage as the Fire Department cut the vehicle to extract the occupants.

Contracted with the New York City Sheriff’s Department, Kings County New York, as the first call on seizures and Court Ordered repossessions of automobiles, trucks and heavy equipment on a first call basis.

My Company had also become the exclusive repossession agent for GMAC in the Boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan during the majority of this same time frame on a first call basis.

I personally maintained a New York City Police Department Tow Operator's License from approximately 1973 to 1986, and a New York State Motor Vehicle Inspector’s License from approximately 1979 to 1986, also multiple Fire Department Certificates of Fitness (Fire Ratings) until I moved from New York State.

*June 1985 Charlie’s Towing Service sold.

*June 1985 to November 1986: Managed and operated Action Towing Service, Brooklyn, New York.

*December 1986 to October 1987: Interviewed and tested by General Motors affiliate, Automotive Management Placement Service, Stamford, CT.

Placed as shop foreman to aid a troubled Chevrolet Dealership in Connecticut that had undergone a General Motors warranty audit. Obtained numerous GM certifications.

Attended Norwalk Community College, nights, for Business Law and Accounting.

October 1987 to December 1996: Owner and manager of Model Garage of Palm Beach, full service automobile body, frame, refinishing and mechanical repair shop.

Contracted with Allstate Insurance Company and Hartford Insurance Company for the restorative repairs/reconstruction after collision or comprehensive loss, of all fine automobiles. These contracts further enhanced our existing professional and elite client base.

In this time frame I had been called upon by several clients of my repair / reconstruction facility for consultation, examination, research, photographic documentation and expert testimony for all variations of automobile related cases.

These legal matters involved accident investigation with serious injuries and / or deaths. Also, fire, arson, fraud, defect, improper repairs, unsafe repairs, fraudulent repairs, negligence, injury, improper identification, serialization, collision analysis, damage analysis, impact analysis and bad faith. Wrongful death and vehicular homicide cases became our special interest.

My duties included the examination of Official Reports, witness statements, evidence, reports, documents, statements, depositions and expert testimony for contradictions, conflicts, variations and inaccuracies.

I also held all necessary certifications, State Licenses, Permits, Bonds in conjunction with the Repair Shop including a State of Florida Automobile Dealers License.

1987-2001: Attended/Graduated Dale Carnegie, Attended/Sub-Instructor Dale Carnegie as Graudate Assistant, Attended Miami University for Hazardous Waste and EPA classes, 3M ARM Management School, BASF/Glasurit School, I-CAR Certifications, MACS Certification, ASE Certifications, Hosted Continuing Education/Instructor Training for Palm Beach County Automotive School Instructors, Licensed by the Division of Banking and Finance as Retail Installment Lender, Bonded and Licensed by the State of Florida Department of Consumer Affairs as Pawnbroker, Licensed by the Department of Professional Regulation as Auction House owner, Licensed by the Florida Department of Revenue as Second Hand Dealer, Bonded & Licensed by the State of Florida Department of Motor Vehicles as Automobile Dealer.

Served as member of the West Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce from approximately 1988 to 1994.

Served as member (1990 to 1999) and Vice President (1996 to 1999) of the Fraternal Order of Police Associates, State of Florida, Lake Worth Lodge #1, until our divisional Associate Lodges were consolidated into one larger State unity.

*January 1997 Sold Auto Body repair business.

*January 1997 to present:

It was in the 1987 to 1996 time frame that my forensic consultations were limited to the existing clients of my automobile repair facility. During this time the requests for our forensic services had become overwhelming and more intense with each new case.

In these years I performed consultation services almost exclusively for two of my existing clients, with few exceptions, one which was a special request from the Florida Highway Patrol, as Expert, on a case involving multiple stolen vehicles with serial numbers that had been either altered or switched.

Since then I have completely devoted myself to growth and progress. I have constructed an organization of specialists from all major fields of automotive, accident, fire, insurance and medical expertise.

We have recently enlisted Medical Professionals in related fields of Emergency Medicine and Accident Related Injuries as pertains to automobile / vehicle accidents as well a variety of Specialists, as consult, to further enhance our perception of the Medical, Anatomical and Biomechanical aspects of our investigation.

We are steadily growing to continue to serve our clients in the same style that has been my personal cornerstone trademark since the very beginning of my first business venture more than a 35 years ago.

Thank you for taking the time and the interest to examine our website and consider us for your current or future needs.

Sincerely, Salvatore R. Raimondi, Sr.

AAFS Associates, Inc

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